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Hi i am pjdidi, i am happy to be here, looking forwards to share some nice stuff. Tongue
postbit slot
pjdidi, welcome to CBC the Copybot Club,

we are a different kind of forum where we do not have any subscription or make any member pay to have access to and particular section.
On CBC the forums open according to your participation!

You should have a look in our Guide and check the Orientation Island in detail because you will how to do things, how to secure yourself inworld
and you can right now our Viewers, Revelator by .flagg. and Darkstorm 6.2.0 CBC Edition (that has some extra features Wink ) that Wish was so kind to make for us.
There are also tools, tutorials and many more sub-forums where you can get your doubts answered or even ask for help if you are stuck.

We are a great community where you can find people of all kinds that have copybot in common and respect each other.
We try our best to provide a good environment for people to stay and meet other members and share experiences!

I hope you like it here!
If you need anything don't hesitate getting in touch

showbis Cool
a belated welcome and a message:

Your shares from the sandbox have been moved to the CBC  Second Life subforums. 

This happens when 

1. You made it to the next usergroup, or

2. When your shares has been in the sandbox for a couple of months. 

Just so you know your shares havent been deleted or anything.

 I am sending you a PM so you know which shares you have made and avoid resharing them.


update - sending you another PM 

I have moved another share of yours to the CBC second life subforum.

another update - your download links are dead, for some reason.  so your efforts have ended in the dead links forum.



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