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Hello everyone! :)
Hey folks! Glad to be here and learn a few things. Hopefully I'll learn enough to share with the community. ^-^

postbit slot
happy welcome !

I would like to think we got the most covered for learning and sharing but let us know if theres anything you cant find any solution to. 



ejennings, if you are new to copybot then welcome to a great new world Exclamation

It takes a while to get some knowledge and you need to read and try and test, but some things are quite easy and you'll be amazed with what a copybot viewer can do and we got 2 for you: Darkstorm 6.2.0 CBC Edition and Revelator. DS is Firestorm based but heavier and Revelator is Singularity viewer and very light even for older machines.
They are already at your disposal and you can download them right away, and don't worry, we are not here to fool into a paying subscription, here we want members to feel at home and participate in a nice friendly community and Copybot Club wants to be that.

Since we are first and foremost an educational place, the tutorials are also free for newly registered members, like many other areas.
You should explore mostly the Orientation Island and you might also want to know more about us and why does CBC exist and what moves us.

We are a very close community and many of us know each other for many many years, even before Copybot Club. We believe that we own what we purchase and that we can play in OpenSim without restrictions. Also, not only we do not endorse, but we expose copybot stores that sell inworld! We are not here to hurt the creators who work hard for their products!!! Some of amongst us are creators too and learned in here how to do things.

The respect and politeness we all have between ourselves comes those prior experiences where we lived drama and saw what a toxic environment does to a forum and that is why we left to do this forum.

If you can see yourself in these small rules I am sure you will become a long standing member here and if you need anything we are here to help you in all that we can. You'll see that after you get acquainted you will can have the support of all our great members that also started by knowing nothing!

We have a Guide to more information, like how to rank up in your user groups, rules of the community etc. So please check that out too since it has important info

Welcome to copybot and we hope this can become your new home Exclamation

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