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Megan Leeder aka MARPESIA owner is allegedly copybotting items
I just saw this post on facebook by the KOONZ owner Tuggy Amat saying that the owner of the MARPESIA store, Megan Leeder, is copybotting items. Allegedly they copybotted one of KOONZ's products - a BOM sunscreen and apparently Katie Moon's [CRY BB] store heart nipples...and it looks like that the owner of MARPESIA deleted all the ads from their flickr...
What do y'all think about this?
[Image: wcx6ujo.png]
[Image: Opc3X3R.jpg]
[Image: dxfPu1z.png]
[Image: ZOLzIij.gif]

As i researched further in this I found out that the MARPESIA store copybotted from multiple stores.

I've posted these nipples not too long ago on this forum, bought from MARPESIA
MARPESIA - Nipples V3 (BOM + Tintable)
It would be nice if anyone can check if these items were copybotted as well and from what store they were copybotted from.
New to copybotting? Wanna rip mesh? Tutorial here:
postbit slot
I believe 90% stores are copybotting nowadays, only a few has 100% original products. Also, it's difficult to have 100% original products, since most of them use the same PS brushes, Blender Brushes & more similar items. 

BUT, it's clearly that she's copybotting items and making a whole ass profit, which is really not fair for most of the stores.
Another creator on my Secondlife fb shared this today. 

[Image: wEMP0LY.png]

[Image: Z7fCS52.png]

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