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Hello Everybody !!
How can i share anything¿? I have readed the rules, but if i cant see the avatar things section i cant create a post thread...
postbit slot
Hi Amila,
First off, welcome to the family.

As to your question, you post your shares to the sandbox since you are a new user, then I think after about 10 to 15 shares one of the moderators will then check to make sure all is correct with them, and if all is fine, you get promoted to next level and your shares get put in the correct sections for you, then after that it is the normal way.

It's basically so as new people join and they are learning the system CBC has, they can do so in safety and learn by mistakes and it doesn't mess anything up for rest of the forum for those in main sections.

Hope that helps.
Raven avatar made by me through Stable Diffusion AI & Photoshop.
What you need to read is the Guide - 


Thanks for addressing you have issues finding out where to post, I have now added a link to the rules.  

Also thank you to Raven for saying helloes and helping out 
[Image: iG5nyS8.jpg]

 To be clear about the number of posts: At the 15th post in a forum which adds to your post count, you will get to another user group. Then you will gain access to more subforums. 
More is explained if you follow the links given in the guide. 

Happy welcome and its great to have you in our community!



Update on your shares from the sandbox - they have been moved to the CBC second life subforum

I am going to send you a PM with details of which items you have shared already. Then you know which. 

The reason for shares being relocated? 
 -- it happens when forum members have ranked up to a new user group  or when the shares have been in the sandbox for 1 - 2 months. 

You have one share left in the sandbox. I am not able to edit it and give the information which is needed, you are the one who can do that. 
Would you help us out and redo the share? 



Hello, Amila.

I am leaving a feedback on your share, so I had to unapprove the thread. I've tried to reach out to you, but your inbox is FULL.
Please, consider waiting at least 10 min until I will finish.
Thank you

Please consider reading my feedback on your recent share Arrow  https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-Not-Fo...6#pid29336
Hello again, AmilaCringden
I am sending this message to let you know about your last thread Arrow https://forum.copybot.club/thread-16750.html

In accordance with our forum guidelines, ''when the threads have been in the sandbox for about a month and you have not ranked up yet, your threads will be moved to the appropriate CBC Second Life subforum''. 
Read more here Arrow https://forum.copybot.club/thread-1315.html

However, a month has already passed and you haven't fixed your thread so far. With that being said, I will move your thread to the ''No longer relevant'' subforum.

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