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[Attempt of introduction]
Hey CBC people, my name is Tantra, sorry for the first noob post, i ve never posted here before.
I have some basic experience with CB viewers, so i know only the basics, rip textures, and animations mostly.
I would like to learn how to make better use of these viewers over there.

Hugs all. Sleepy
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Hello, Tantra.
      Welcome to CBC - copybot club.
Don't worry about being a newbie, we all started from there, so no reason to be concerned about it.  
Our forum provides many tools and a lot of useful tutorials, as well as a very well prepared team ready to help you and many members to support you. Big Grin 

  • If you're familiar with copybotting - then you can start right away! 
  1. Viewers: You can download Darkstorm v6.2 (click) or Revelator Alpha 1.8 (click). I recommend both, Darkstorm is easier to use when you're ripping, while Revelator is faster when you're uploading things - SecondLife or OpenSim.
  2. Tools: We have MeshesSL (click) which is a time-saver, but many other as well - HERE (click)
  • If you're new with copybotting - then you can read our tutorials!
  1. Tutorials - Second Life: How to copybot - Basic Level (click) and How to - Tutorials (click) 
  2. Tutorials - Forum:  Forum - the right way to use it (click).
  • In both cases: 
  1. Make sure to understand our Forum Rules - HERE
  2. Read our Guide before posting - HERE
  3. If you need our help and you're stuck at something - HERE

I hope you will find your way in our CopyBot Club
Hello and welcome!

Happy to see another user interested in sharing with us, as always!  Smile
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simple as.

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