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Hi :)
Hi, I am new here.
Come from another forum.
Unfortunately, no one cares about the server there and it is constantly offline or broken because of old forum software.
Hope here is not so. At least it does not look like that here are also such problems.
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Hi M011997,
Welcome to the CBC family.
Raven avatar made by me through Stable Diffusion AI & Photoshop.
Hello, M011997.
      Welcome to CBC - copybot club.

Here you shouldn't be worried at all, because our forum is very secured and protected, while we do our best not to encounter such problems. 
Our forum is active and constantly growing, we can be proud of our members, but also of our team.

  • If you're familiar with copybotting - then you can start right away! 
  1. Viewers: You can download Darkstorm v6.2 (click) or Revelator Alpha 1.8 (click). I recommend both, Darkstorm is easier to use when you're ripping, while Revelator is faster when you're uploading things - SecondLife or OpenSim.
  2. Tools: We have MeshesSL (click) which is a time-saver, but many other as well - HERE (click)
  • If you're new with copybotting - then you can read our tutorials!
  1. Tutorials - Second Life: How to copybot - Basic Level (click) and How to - Tutorials (click) 
  2. Tutorials - Forum:  Forum - the right way to use it (click).
  • In both cases: 
  1. Make sure to understand our Forum Rules - HERE
  2. Read our Guide before posting - HERE
  3. If you need our help and you're stuck at something - HERE

I hope you will find your place in our CopyBot Club
M011997, KingGoon died quite a while ago. And yes, it had way too many times server crashes that lasted for weeks, where the admin didn't cared for the forum, or for the users, even the ones who would pay him.

I was a VIP paying member at King Goon Forum, and I can tell you I will not miss it.
The best thing about KG were the members!!!

Since you also come from there, you will recognize many users that came along with us... like the Viewer Developers: for Darkstorm 6.2.0 CBC Special Edition, that Wish was so kind to upgrade it and get a bunch of new features. And .flagg. the developer behind Revelator Viewer.

The Copybot Club way is based on merit!
While you upgrade, new forums open for you.

It's a fair way of getting everybody on the same level and award those who help others!
So please bring with you what you can: translations; shares; helping other members; doing tutorials; creating new tools...

On top of that, we can skip being humble, and assure you we are the best organized copybot forum you ever seen.
We have categories for everything, and the idea is simple, when you do a search, you find what you are looking for.
To have search engine friendly threads, we count on the community to make them according to the rules!

Members start with access to everything they need like viewers, tools, tutorials. The 'Orientation Island' and the 'Sandbox' it is for you to practice how to do shares the right way and we will assist you.
By the time you reach 15 posts the greatest forum of them all opens to you

It is not hard to do it, and it is also not hard to help others and contribute to those who help you also. This is what a community is about!

On the other copybot forum, I am sure you wished things were better organized with a great environment and that everybody would respect their fellow members, right?
Here you will find that, and we hope you can consider CBC your new home!

The community is our greatest asset! Helpful, friendly and you can ask them anything you may have doubts about.
We, on the team are here to assist you for anything you may need!

During these five and a half years, we only had two times where we had to hold operations:
One was when we changed from one server to a faster one and configure everything.
The second one was when someone tried a DDOS attack and our defences kicked in and blocked connections for 3 hours.
I guess we can say that our Copybot Club is a very stable place!

Arrow  Miau already gave you the best links for you to follow first

It would also be great to know what was missing for you on that other forum!
Having inputs from a newly returned member is important!

I forgot one of the most important things here, there is no VIP's and we are not here for the money, everything is FREE!
We are counting on you!  Wink

showbis Cool
I have mostly uploaded animations or skins that I have bought in the forum where I come from.
Can I re-upload the animations here?
I'm not sure if they already exist.
In the sandbox, I do not see them.
I know that in the sandbox your search on the forum is limited
You can upload, try to do them like you have got them, in package or individual if you had only one
Don't .zip everything together in bulk

If you study a bit the sandbox and our guidance and the how to post, it is not hard how to name them
add the photo and source of it
Then describe what's inside the .zip
and lastly the links

You can use Meshvault.net or Mediafire or any other hoster where you logon often, so that they won't empty things after that period

When you start getting newer things you do them, so yes you can do as you please  Smile

showbis Cool

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