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CopyBot virgin here lol. Hi
postbit slot
Copybot virgin? That is a new expression to me! sounds much better as a usergroup than Registered and Newbie. 

My advice would be to follow the Guide, and read as much as possible, 

I dont know if you have been reading anything there yet? 

Get a copybot viewer, get used to run it inworld. If you know Firestorm you will find Darkstorm CBC version very similar to Firestorm, but with a few extra benefits.  

I also think it is important you find out what you want to do, when using a copybot viewer.  Are you interested in skins and make up? In buildings? In clothes? Making your own CB viewer? 
The virgin phase gets more easy for you, focusing on one thing at a time, in stead of grasping everything at once. 

The community is about sharing knowledge and items. 

Right now in your current usergroup, the forum is somewhat restricted, but you will get more access in the future, dependent on how active you are. 
So if you are new to be on a forum, there will be some learning to do as well. 

But do not fright!  We are here to help you, if you have questions you are not able to find the answer for when using search, dont hesitate to ask. 

Here is the link to the Guide.  https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-READ-T...ion--13982

Welcome to CBC, the copybot Club, its nice you found us. 




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