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Hello everyone, my name is Petals and I am so happy to be here!   Smile
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Hello Petals

Welcome to the copybot club, and we're always happy to have you here!
We try our best to keep it friendly, respectful, and a place where everybody can feel right at home!

We believe in being safe and even have tutorials about it.

Please don't forget to read our copybot guide that will help you understand how the forum works  Blush
I know you will click on forums that say… you are not permitted blah blah… but consider this your training to get skilled on both the forum and copybot. 

Your first user group has a 15 post threshold meanwhile, you will have the sandbox to start with your first forum threads!
Right now you have access to all necessary forums:
  • Sandbox to make new threads and have all the help you need to learn how to them search engine friendly.
  • Copybot tutorials for you to learn all the techniques you will need to be able to back up your inventory.
  • Copybot Viewers, and here you have two choices that complement each other Revelator Viewer and Darkstorm Viewer both are great viewers, one based on singularity and the last mentioned on Firestorm. 
  • Copybot tools to help you out creating the best workflows for converting and saving files like MeshesSL amongst many others.

You didn't say if you are experienced or not either way we are all here to help out so do not hesitate to ask the community when you get stuck!

We hope you like to be on the copybot.club and while you get acquainted with all the forum features and how to do things the right way you will evolve!

Are you ready for some reading and learning a trick or two?1

We're glad to have you in our midst! Big Grin

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