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Second Life viewer scam .. warning
The scam:

Getting an IM stating something like this:
Are you tired of spending your hard-earned Linden Dollars? We've got an exciting solution just for you! Introducing our SecondLive Viewer, where everything is not only free but also open for endless possibilities.
  • Unlock unlimited Linden Dollars (L$) for all your virtual adventures.
  • Fly to unlimited heights.
  • Build on any land of your choice, all for free.
But that's just the beginning.
Link: <Some URL, typically a tinyurl link>
We're sincerely thankful to everyone who joins us in our mission to make SecondLife completely free. Don't miss this incredible opportunity.
Best Regards.

  • Unlock unlimited Linden Dollars (L$) for all your virtual adventures. 
sounds too good to be true?  Yeah. It is.  L$ isn't stored on the client. It is stored on the server. Controlled by LL. 
  •   Fly to unlimited heights.
not new, you can already. LL removed height limits.  if your are  in using firestorm or darkstorm - and have enabled the option of using chat bar as command line , try type in gth 48999. press enter. test yourself.  Just a kind reminder of weird stuff will happen when you are up that far. 
  • Build on any land of your choice, all for free.
Land permissions are checked by the simulator, not the viewer


You are instructed to download 


, upon execution it will pretend to install a viewer so that it looks legitiment.
when running the newly installed program it will run a .bat file which includes will admin permissions on your computer. it will, download more and execute more files, which installs Trojan.CobaltStrike , Trojan.Molotov/Reflo, Quasar, AsyncRAT, cryptominer, and a fake start


Why dont you read more about it  Here, FelixWolf explains
I got the info from there,there is a lot more.
I'm not skilled that direction and I suggest , if you are interested. to go read about it.  I might have understood something a wrong way and only quote out whats needed for you to be safe. Not as copybotters  - but as residents in Second life.  

My only skill is to think, if it sounds like its too good to be true, its probably just too good to be true.  And never click links in SL before understanding what you are about to do.  

Im glad we have our own safe to use viewers, including CBC version of Darkstorm. It might be old, but still of use! 

I  really hope none of you are going to click any links in IMs making promises of a new user with unlimited cash and height!  
Crash and burn. 


Keep safe out there 


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