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So basically somehow if you receive this notification that looks like it came from a newsletter in your local chat, IGNORE AND BLOCK THE OBJECT. I just got this right when I logged in

''[06:40] <scam's site>: Hi <your legacy name>  I am sunny! I saw this new world called <name of the scam site> ( <site of the scam> ) It is Faster and better than secondlife. They offer free land to all residents.Why not come and grab a free island for yourself and experience our new speed! (It is true they are 2x faster than Secondlife. You can feel it while walking and flying.)

<scam's name> also has a Marketplace and a free shopping area. check it out once you have your free land!

In February 2024,  <scam's name> is launching a 1000 USD give away for Creators for creating celebrity avatars. You can contact the team at <scam's contact email> for more information.''

This scam is known for installing malware that steals your personal info and other data without permission, so please be careful when clicking unknown links or receiving random IM's/notifications in local. The best thing to do for now it's to just block the object the message came from - it seems like a newsletter where avatar names are added without consent, and the owner of the object (who, funnily, is the owner of the scam) uses it to spam people in local about their BS.

New to copybotting? Wanna rip mesh? Tutorial here:
postbit slot
I haven't really seen a good scam since the Emerald viewers days when we were all unknowingly doing a DOS attack on somebody..dang I don't even remember who we were attacking lol. Back in the day I used to see how long I could keep them on the phone with the hopes of my routing number..only to never get it..that was fun. I don't keep any payment on file with LL and 17 years later no hacks (knock on wood). Play safe out there!

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