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I Thought I could introduce my special self!
Hello everyone,
I'm excited to join this forum and become part of such a knowledgeable community! My name is Avina, and I've recently started exploring the fascinating world of SecondLife in conjunction with Blender. As a creative writing enthusiast, I've found SecondLife to be an incredible platform for storytelling and immersive experiences.
Lately, I've been trying to learn more about the technical aspects of the game, and I came across the concept of copybots. While I understand that they are a controversial topic, I'm eager to deepen my understanding of their impact on the SecondLife ecosystem and how they function.
I'm here to learn from all of you, share my experiences, and engage in meaningful discussions about SecondLife and its many layers. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and diving into the conversations!
Avina Heart
postbit slot
Hello, Avina
Welcome to CBC - Copybot.Club and only,

You appear to have a wealth of knowledge, but you always take great delight in learning as much as you can.

It's a privilege to have you share your knowledge and resources with us. Our conversations will never be dull, as we always have a wide range of topics to debate and discuss.

We are individuals who have open minds and do not discriminate against anyone or their knowledge. Our mission is to lead members and give them an introduction to the world of copybotting.

Hello Avina,
Welcome to the CBC family, always great to share knowledge and learn new things, one of my favourite things to do. Smile

"Knowledge is Power" grinz
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(05-28-2024, 05:34 PM)Avina Wrote: Today, I was wrestling with MSL39—it’s the only one I’ve kind of figured out, but I’m still lost. When I post this, I’m not even sure if I’m doing it in the right place. (Sorry about that) Anyway, here’s what popped up in my little box thingy. https://gyazo.com/fd1ccc1ea6103139ad1766ccfafc5706 

Although we would like to assist, providing help in the Introduction Area is prohibited due to our forum rules.
With that being said, your posts have been divided and your post regarding Gina's tool has been moved to the proper subforum - Stuck at something, ask the community (NO REQ. HERE)
I would kindly invite you to look at the spit post - https://forum.copybot.club/thread-17188.html

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