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HEADS UPdate - Lelutka goes 4.0
[Image: txAwGEc.jpeg]

Lelutka announced a while back they will update their heads to 4.0 with  " features that will enhance your appearance and performance."

The updated heads get released in batches.  Starting - 21th may. 

*  Improved material features with dialogue box controls for fine-tuning your materials on all diffuse texture layers, skin, and HD layer materials.
* Added a second layer to your HD lips and separated eyes as independent entities that you can edit and hide individually or together for more versatility and creativity.
* Updated Style HUD with slots to save your favorite eye looks and revamped main HUD with an extra mode option and a transparent/opaque minimized icon to customize your experience according to your needs and preferences.
  " Script : HUD Appearance -X-
- 1.6.0 : Use of llLinksetData functions to store data
            Removed Textures UUID compression
- 1.6.1 : Removed llLinksetData password to use the linkset_data events

And a lot more! 

I dont know much about lelutka heads, but wanted to let you know.

May 21th releases

LeLUTKA Avalon Head
LeLUTKA Briannon Head
LeLUTKA Ceylon Head
LeLUTKA Devon Head
LeLUTKA Eon Head
LeLUTKA Ford Head
LeLUTKA Gaia Head
LeLUTKA Gen Head
LeLUTKA Halle Head
LeLUTKA Inez Head
LeLUTKA Jon Head
LeLUTKA Kaya Head
LeLUTKA Kris Head
LeLUTKA Lilith Head
LeLUTKA Logan Head

MAY 23rd releases

[Image: 1f538.png]Milan
[Image: 1f538.png]Noa
[Image: 1f538.png]Noel
[Image: 1f538.png]Ora
[Image: 1f538.png]Prim
[Image: 1f538.png]Quinn
[Image: 1f538.png]Raven
[Image: 1f538.png]Siwa
[Image: 1f538.png]Tae
[Image: 1f538.png]Ubon
[Image: 1f538.png]Vivian
[Image: 1f538.png]Wade
[Image: 1f538.png]Xia
[Image: 1f538.png]Yves
[Image: 1f538.png]Zo

Redeliver can happen in the following way:
- get a fresh copy from your Update.My.NAME updater from your head folder 
-  get the redelivery HUD/ or use the redelivery Terminal in the main store.

How do you find the update working for your Second Life experience?

EDIT to list the most recent batch of updates


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(05-23-2024, 09:06 AM)C.Nails Wrote: How do you find the update working for your Second Life experience?

It is the same thing as before from my perspective, just a smoother HUD and another Lips Layer - exactly how we had for the eyeshadows.
(05-23-2024, 09:06 AM)C.Nails Wrote:
How do you find the update working for your Second Life experience?

Might be my mind playing tricks on me, but since I first tried the new hud on the Billie head it feels like the hud itself is snappier, more responsive.

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