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Akeruka Anniversary - Free .[AK ADVX] heads. 2024
Its that time of year - Akeruka's Anniversary  -  a Female and Male head is out for grabs- until the end of June. 
+ a sale: 
all Heads on AK Main store are 50% OFF all june

Not at all a "freebie"  - unless you are a group member. 
Still I want to share the information with you. 
Group fee is 150 L$
Group key

wear group tag - pay 1LS (you get it refunded) 

 [Image: OZTri1B.jpeg]
Soo-Jin Head

[Image: 06Nqf2u.jpeg]

Sun-Woo Head
These are full heads 

there are dev kits avaible in the store as well. 1 L$ each, which you get refunded . 


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