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#$@&%*! tits #$@&%* down
anyone knows - another copybot forum - and does anyone knows why is it down?

11 Jun. 2024
Censored the other forum
postbit slot
Hello, Voluniweb

megaphone Copybot.Club - CBC 
This community is unified, independent, and distinct from any other forum. Meaning that - Our forum is not associated with any other copybot forum or has any connection to them.

While we would like to offer assistance to our members, we are not accountable for other copybot forums and their actions. Furthermore, referencing another forum within this community is not only prohibited, but also unnecessary.

Exclamation Considering other forum copybots, as well as promoting them through various methods, is prohibited
***Read more - GUIDE

As the reason is obvious, I will close this thread and any other similar ones.

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