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Hello all.

I'm Bambi.  Successfully running away from hunters for years now.  Smile
I know some of you and some of you know me from some other forums.
Came to learn, participate, share and so on.
I'm going to read all the rules before I say anything.
So, just this for now. 
Hello and looking forward to meet you all. 
Best regards.  Smile
postbit slot
Always great to see newbies and/or oldies Wink
Welcome to CBC Big Grin.

~ smiles and nods ~

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hi Bambi

Welcome to CBC, I was thinking about the name since I also come from another place
your login name  hmmmm I dunno but worry not we won't hunt you Smile
We hope you stay around and also help us make this community the best one to be in.

This is the place to start

showbis Cool
What a well written introduction. 

Glad you succeeded in hiding from the hunters, bambi - if you want, we can offer you a place more to hide. 



- if you find anything hard to understand while reading rules etc, we will be happy to be informed about it, so we can explain and change the wording if needed. 
That would be helpful too.


Welcome, we're glad you found us.
Thank you for the warm welcome. 
The rules are well written and easy to understand.
It may take more than one day to memorize it all. 

Then again, apart from where to, how to and so on, it all boils down to one major point, "don't be an ass", right? 
Well, I'm not an ass, I'm a deer.  That should make allot of difference, or so I hope. 

Excuse the joke, I am by no means, taking anything lightly.  Smile

Once again, thank you all for the warm welcome.
welcome Bambi
Welcome to CBC, Bambi Cool

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