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Where is the line?
I want to ask you all, just as I asked myself, when it comes to copyboting, where is the line one should not cross?

I made that cute sweet avatar, went to the party with it.  The first thing I noticed was that a few of my "friends" stopped chatting with their cameras locked on my neck.
You know what that mean, don't you?  I am sure they were not reading my profile . . .
First, it made me sad and then upset.  All they needed to do was to ask.  I would gladly share the whole thing.

Another story; I went on a date.  kissing, cuddles and so on, till I realized that my partner is very busy copyboting the animations we are using.
Now, that was a big shock and a "turn off" for me.

The two examples above happen on more than one occasion with more than one bunch of people.

It made me think of the "friendships", fake dates, greed, dishonesty and so on. 

Would you copybot your friend without asking?  Would you rather get the animations than cherish the moment of romantic one on one?
What are your thoughts about such situations?
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That is a nice question… where do you draw the line?!

For me things were always simple I use common sense and I like to think I have good judgment.
To answer your specific questions:

Would you copybot your friend without asking? 
NO, I wouldn't copybot my friend's period. But I wouldn't also tell him I copybot anything at all (your friend of today might not be your friend tomorrow)

Would you rather get the animations than cherish the moment of romantic one on one?
NO, that is so wrong… he not only played with your feelings he also did it in order to steal from you

You have got a world of assets you can copybot, why would you target friends/dates to do it?!
I was watching "John Wick" movies.  Maybe I watch too many.  Smile

But, it is shown clearly there that even the thieves, assassins, gangsters and so on, have their rules and the code of ethnics.
As it is said there, "Without our rules we are nothing but animals." Or something like that. 

The  situation is different among us here.  We have no names, no connection to RL, most of the time no connections between the grids either. 
We have no governing body to watch over and keep things within a reason.
This is why I believe that each one of us should realize that the line must be drown within a reason. 

Maybe someone could write a "Code Of Ethics" for others to follow.  It cannot be enforced, but it may help to wake up and put ourselves in the other person's shoes.

@the CopyBotClub CBC, funny how you put it.  I would even take that one step further.  Enjoy the romance, follow up on it and then, come back some time later, with my own alt, to get the goodies, if they happen to be worth an effort.
As silly as it may seem, most of the bento Kabuki animations ( the best of the best ) are freely distributed all over OS grids, so why bother in the first place . . .

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