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Hello! I'm Bob.
I've been a content creator for 15 years and have made a lot of stuff, good, bad and rubbish, and never charged for anything. I ran my own no rules grid but closed it because nobody wanted to donate. I still create sometimes, but find it easier to apply the old five finger discount to 'aquire' other folks goodies.
I tried a couple of other sites, but I'm supposed to hand over a ton of stuff and cash for nothing much in return. ...not happening.
So, any road up, I came across this forum and thought I'd see how it goes here Smile
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welcome bob 

CBC is a new copybot forum, and we also want something in return! Shares ! That includes knowledge, tutorials and being helpful in general. 

The next step for you, will be to go the sandbox and use that part of the forum for your first shares. 

you find the sandbox here https://forum.copybot.club/Forum-Sandbox

a sticky in the sandbox - essential read: https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-how-to...he-sandbox

Hopefully you will find our community one you will OK. 

Take a look around. If you find no access to parts of the forum, its explained in the links above.
welcome to you Bob Smile
Welcome to CBC, Bad Bob Cool
Heya we are all here to help Smile
Welcome to the CB.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hi My friend, Welcome

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