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Copybot forums. The big, bad and the ugly story revealed!
Established Copybot forums - Hard facts!

We are sorry to unveil the sad and ugly truth about the copybot forums some of us are/were members of!
It’s time to unveil their strategies and to show you how you have been fooled!
[Image: tongue.png]

Don’t you worry, some of us were naive for years!

We’re not naming any forum, because they don’t even deserve that! We chose to do it calling them FORUM A and goonsquad.

It is perfectly fine an admin wants to make a buck, we understand that!
Who works hard for building and maintaining a platform should, at least, receive enough memberships or donations that allow them to be online.
There’s nothing wrong with making a profit!
But shouldn’t admins reinvest or at least maintain their forums?!

Have no doubts, they are cashing in with the content you upload and promising you they will improve - but over time you end up finding out nothing ever gets done!
Content ranked members, donators or VIPs should at least have a flawless and organized forum. Shouldn’t they?

On these days, all we can see is that admins have been reducing their services or have their bulletin boards badly formatted or all broken.
Members of all statuses and rankings can only expect a few fixes from time to time.

• The file server was shut down, without any notice to backup, or even an explanation
• Shoutbox was removed
• Thank you was removed
• Bulletin Board constant bugs or formatting errors (sidebar per example)
• The organization is a complete mess, that works very well when you cash in on advertising CPI (cost per impression). Why?
The more threads you have to read the more advertising the admin makes you swallow = more CPI = more advertising revenue!
• Spammed daily
• Moderation flaws
• Admin absence

On goonsquad
• Bulletin board theme is broken
• Quick reply doesn’t even work
• Smileys preview enter your writing area
• No cross-browser compatibility
• The organization is better but also not done for current inworld developments like Mesh
• Poorly moderated

On one subject admins use a common strategy… they all claim, or don’t talk about it to leave you with the idea, they’re all LOSING MONEY. They are NOT!

> Evidences collected

• Advertising intensive (AdSense/AdWords)
• Affiliate subscription incomes (VPN)
• VIP memberships (20 USD per member)

 Advertising revenues: 69usd/daily = 2 070usd/monthly

Current members according to forum A records - Bulletin board statistics
VIP - 655 members x 20 usd = 13 100 USD in total memberships
(8 years + 1 month = 97 months)
13 100 USD VIP contributions / 97 months = 135 USD/monthly average in VIP memberships

Affiliate estimate
28,655 unique monthly visitors/ On each 500 unique members if 1 subscribes = 57 express vpn affiliate commissions
57 subscribers x 13 USD (lowest plan payout commission) = 741 USD/monthly (estimate)

Monthly income study:
Up to 2 900 USD

Expenses study:
Around 13 USD per month

• No advertising
• Two membership types (VIP 4,99 USD/monthly + Donator 2,99 USD/monthly)

Current members according to goonsquad records - Bulletin board statistics
VIP - 225 members x 4,99 USD = 1122,75 USD/monthly
Donator - 41 members x 2,99 USD = 122,59 USD/monthly

Monthly income average:
1 245 USD

Expenses average:
Up to 29 USD per month

How did we reach these figures?!

*1 - VIP/DONATORS we’re calculated based on forum statistics data on member rankings, copied and pasted into an excel worksheet where we could find how many of those are in each member category

*2 - Lifetime VIPs and calculating the average number of VIP’s who subscribe per month.
Total number of VIPs, copied and pasted to an excel worksheet divided by the number of years the forum is running ( x years x 12 months / total number of VIPs = monthly subscribed VIPs average)

*3 - Advertising - these figures were calculated based on several websites that provide valuation services and crosscheck Alexa, Adsense, forum stats and daily page views and many other factors.

*4 - Affiliate commissions - These were harder to calculate since no data can be publically collected, so we could only estimate - Method used was extrapolating it, we used a very low conversion rate of 1 in every 500 unique visitors subscribing such a service (by clicking on the forum banner)
(This is a very conservative estimate if we consider copybotters usually have at least one VPN service to use on stealthier activities)

*5 - Expenses average -  These were calculated based on the domain annual pricing + (their hosting server costs  x 12 months) / 12 months = Monthly running costs

Important notes:

Data is being collected during the last 11 months.
Figures related to the member status and advertising stats was updated on May 20th, 2018.


Advertising, visitor and ranking stats

Affiliate commissions
https://www.expressvpn.com/affiliates/faq - comissions
https://www.similarweb.com - Unique visitors

Paying/donating members:
data collected from 'Forum team' area

Namecheap.com - .pro domain (renewal cost)
GoDaddy.com - .co domain (renewal cost)


The next time you visit any of them, you might look at them differently!
If an admin calls you family, you're the one sponsoring ‘daddy’.
Be sure of it!

We left, felt cheated and taken advantage of.
This is why we created Copybot.club for you!

I hope you can enjoy the first non-profit oriented copybot portal and that you can feel with a true family that will not cheat on you!

We will do our best to deserve your trust and also with the honor of your presence!

showbis [Image: cool.png]
postbit slot
WOW, I'm at a loss for words... Dodgy

I come from Forum A and even though I was not a moderator there, I did notice everytime the forum went down and that the file server was shut down, resulting in a loss of EVERY file shared through that server, which is the loss of all the hard work the members of the forum put into those shares.

I know every webpage has to have its revenue for ads and visitors, but it's only fair that those in charge invest in keeping the damn thing up and running, even if THEY particularly don't want to invest TIME in their own forum... So I'm glad this new idea of starting a new, more friendly, growth oriented and organized forum came to life.

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