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Linden Lab Cloud Migration Dec 23 2020
Has anyone noticed any improvement in speed or quality of Second life since the Cloud Migration in December 2020?

An astounding 10,588 hard drives were shredded and the data centers closed down permanently.

The switch was flipped to Amazon's AWS cloud service.

While the obsolescence factor of hardware reduction is a huge cost savings , it should be rewarded by more uptime and speedier access using other data equipment.  I cannot say that I see an improvement on my client side. Maybe the physical avatar limit has increased in some group meetings but rendering time is the same or worse for me. Perhaps the pipes are the same size to Battery Street SF and back to me.

This is a cost savings decision from the new owners and regretfully the usual next thing is for a employee reduction as was demonstrated by the surprising departure last month of OZ Linden who was with LL for over ten years and greatly respected. As an engineer he must have been making some big bucks and putting him at risk.
postbit slot

from prior talks, one thing emerged from this idea of switching to cloud servers… and it is an easy one to understand
Let's say the same cluster of sims have no one in it… it switches off, right!
To switch on takes some time. Is this better? I have my doubts!

Maybe it will be way better for accounts from other countries but it all comes down to how they have set up the cloud.
One thing is for sure, LL will cut a ton of expenses… from the colocation data servers to the people needed to administer them!

How will things translate on pricing to the common user…
maybe it is just me but I don't expect anything major, if any…
they are in this for the money who cares about the service!

Have you seen the mobile app they promised 2 or 3 years ago… hmmmmm Tongue  There's your answer!
I haven't noticed much difference. Sims are still just as unstable I think Big Grin
Cloud hosting?
This is just a word bubble.
What was the Linden data center before?
A huge building full of servers.

What is a cloud provider?
Exactly, the same only a different cloud and owner.

So it seems, it's just a matter of money.
Amazon probably offers the same slightly cheaper with the promissory that you have given full control of anywhere.

We have to cope with it and under the line seems to bring the cloud hosting for us some advantages for ripping.
My XML2 Toolset already uses it.
Before, there were no ways to download files directly from Linden servers.

If Lindens one day also save scripts in the cloud, I even see the chance we can finally download scripts.
Let's see...

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