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Hai everyone!
Hellow Smile

I'm new here, I contributed to another forum that disappeared, so I'll be contributing now to this forum..
I hope you like the content and see you soon ;*
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I am glad you found us - 

Welcome to CBC ! 




the ones who created this forum in 2017 came from other places, I am sure you will recognize familiar names Wink

Here at CBC we turned our backs to VIPs and we prefer member that really wants to be part of a community and learn, share, inform other about events, promos, etc
we prefer those good members over good dollars.

The rules here are if you read them right easy to follow
and we are also on the forum to help out in showing how to make a better thread with all the information, this is done so that
when you search for an item you really find it!

In the name of CBC I welcome you and hope you can call it here your home now!

My best,
showbis Cool

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