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Hello, glad to be here
hello everyone, i lost of my uploads to the other forum : ( 
Hope to continue posting in here

postbit slot
Hopefully you will not lose anything here . 

CBC isnt to be mistaken by any other previous/existing forums, but a somewhat new forum, btw.  


welcome to the Club, happy to see you here



If you wonder if your shares have vanished when you return, they have not. 
I just moved them out of the sandbox to where they belong in the Second life forum. 

Normally that doesnt happen until you got into a new usergroup, in order for you to follow any feed back or comments to your shares. 

I have started moving shares away from the sandbox when they have been there for about 2 - 3 months even though people who made the shares, are not in the next usergroup yet. 

So just let you know they are still here. 
If you are unsure of when the next usergroup for you happens, read this: https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-CBC-ex...-as-newbie



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