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is me SDasquatchHomie hello
postbit slot
I wanted to welcome you, but instead I am going to make a copy paste of the shoutbox "introduction/exit" you made there.  Then the other group members dont have to waste time on greeting you. 

can someoone please approve me

you are
and belonging to the user group named "registered"

i cant see the area with scripts

there are several areas you cant see. It is all depending of your usergroup. . read more here : https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-CBC-ex...gistration Smile  and maybe go introduce yourself as well?

Copybot.club You do not have permission to access this page. This could be because of one of the following reasons:


cant see

do read the link i gave : read more here - as a reply to your first question about not being able to see area with scripts

so i have to stay here for a month to even access anything?

then you read it all wrong.
you have to share.
you have to be active

Share lol yeah good luck with that
This forums dead anyway im outty seeya

why, this is a sharing commity 
ok, good luck

BTW you cant even spell peaaaaaaaaaace nibba

and you cant read
so .-. same same

End of conversation..

This isnt leechers paradise.  Sorry.  Then you signed up to the wrong forum. 
we do welcome everybody, but if you are only here to get stuff, you are not ready for sharing is caring. 

Thank you to all the active members keeping on filling CBC's  library - which you, dear leecher, wont find out about.

Because you
Quote:can't see


Because we praise our members
I am going to take a design approach to it

[Image: S1KDobZ.png]
[Image: HHJHoWA.gif]
The most users online at one time was 255 on 12-30-2020 at 03:56 AM

Stay salty lmao
(06-21-2021, 10:21 PM)SDasquatchHomie Wrote: The most users online at one time was 255 on 12-30-2020 at 03:56 AM

Stay salty lmao

as you noticed, you are not banned and able to post- 

but that ended now. Seems like the things you would like to add to CBC is not of any value but for your own need to abstract from boredom. 

AKA known as tBS  - the basement syndrome. 

Closing thread, and heads for the ban option.


I wouldn't even bother Nails.
This was never about access to forums!

It is crystal clear that he was on a mission
and for those who were on the forum wars era gets what he came to do

Maybe he should look into the belly button and see why now under his roof shares came down to 10/day on the luckiest days
I am sure it hurts on the pocket also, and since people search for the best and newest items and they can find them on CBC!
That's life some grow others shrink… salty salty huh?  Wink

Sorry members who read these things, but we have seen this years ago and this is just a deja vu 
and it is not innocent at all!

Now go back to your basement as Nails told you. You are unfit to be our member or to grab things to carry elsewhere At
If you decide to come back, again under a new disposable email and under another vpn address we will ban you all the times we need to do
we can even make a 30-page list.
Unlike the basement where you came from, here we clean the house!

Drop-dead far away from here… you stink

My best and don't try us!

showbis Cool

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