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Hello all,
So glad to able to find this place, ever since the ***.pro site gone missing I am at a loss to find back the correct forum.
My old username seem to gone too since my email didn't seem to work.
Anyway so it back to the starting point from here on I guess.
postbit slot

you see many of those members here some even in places of decision, however, we left the forum you tried to specify, years ago!
The short answer is, we have nothing to do with it nor we are affiliated with anyone.

We didn't like how things were and we came to make our own
and here everything works and every thread is organized
and here you can rate and say thank you instead of flooding the threads

We do not also need to use HTML (you can use source if you are old school though)
so it is way easier for any of us… you drop the image on the field below the composer
and you write the details of your thread.

Be aware that Thread posts have rules so that when you do a search thing appear straight away
and with all the details you need. 

So read the rules and how the club works
if you want to find stuff you have to make threads with details

At your user group level, you have access to many things and you should share them on the sandbox
the juicy parts open when you get promoted

So as you can see we are unlike any other forum
you can't buy your way in and you are equal to anyone here…
share to get shares is the pay it forward way

Your first goal is 14 threads and that is easy to achieve
so get your hands dirty … the tools are all there at your disposal
even our exclusive viewers or extended editions

Oh yes, we are not profit-oriented like others are.

Welcome to the forum
I hope you like it here

showbis Cool
welcome to CBC

- i hope you will find us being "the correct forum"




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