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Hi all, ive been in sl for 13 years but complete noob about this copybot, so please bare with me
postbit slot
Heyyyyyyyy welcome to the home .... take your time and read
and if you need help let us know hun Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
i saw your question in the shoutbox: "  why i cant see any thread here?" 

That is not exactly the fact.  As a registered member you have access to a lot. A lot that can get you started with your copybot career.
I guess you think of why you do not have access to lets say, Second Life forum? 

If you read the important thread stuck at the sandbox subforum : https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-READ-T...nformation you will get more information. 
The link leading to usergroups explained, will help you understand how ranking up at CBC works. 
- in short.  The more you contribute, and keep on contributing -  the more access you get. 

That been said:

Welcome to the club, glad you found us! 



HI thank you for taking your time telling me this, i really appreciate it, and yes im still new and learning about this, again despite being in sl for 13 years. i'll start to learn how to copybot then share stuff here, thanks glad i found this im excited Smile
Hi bababaim,

your forum access is tied with your ranking
the more you participate, and that can be by shares, tutorials, tips and tricks, translations, etc.
So this is your current ranking, access to other forums that were closed start to open when you qualify by the number of posts

But since you say you are starting out, there is nothing like to read all the tutorials posted, how to be safe,
then get the viewers and tools do start slowly.
Asking for help is no shame, so do not hesitate to ask the community

How to copybot/backup takes some time to master but you should do it, starting with your own items…
SL ToS states that when they shut off things you won't get anything (L$ or your inventory)
unfortunately people do not read/know that.

You are about to learn a new way of making things and don't think you are a criminal because you are not!
There is nothing wrong in adjusting a No Mod item you purchased or backing up what you paid for!

Who knows you want to have your own OpenSim running on your local computer and then you use all that you want
it is how many of us do it

There is a world of paths to follow all the legal ones are valid…
those who steal content to make MP stores are uncovered by the community when we spot them
because we do not stand for those!

Now take a deep breath and come on in

showbis Cool
Hi i'm XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXim new to this copybot stuff, despite been in sl for 13 years, i can at least share some stuff that i bought and sit in my inventory, still learning more nice to know you all

DO NOT SHARE your inworld name ... never !!!
Saftey first, always !!!
Let me see if i can get an admin. to remove it.

the CopyBotClub CBC
If you get back and look for your shares? 
They have been moved out of the sandbox and into the second life forum.



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