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new user yes
here because kinggoon's website is broken to shit
postbit slot
Welcome to the club. 
glad CBC can be an alternative to broken shit  moneywings




for us, that thing broke years ago!
It was just afloat… have you seen the titanic Tongue

In a way, I am sorry because it was my house long long time ago, on the other hand, it might stay forever in the bottom of the ocean
because it is messy, filled with bugs, advertising intensive, and made to exploit every single member

If you are old enough you might remember the two ladies above
and even they had enough

CBC is another kind of forum… here you won't be a VIP and leech on other shares because you gave 20usd!

Here you will have to follow the rules and be organized on how you get your threads done (but we are here to help)

On the things we have inside the forum… oh well we do have the best ones because we like to think we do have the best community
We are not a mess where nobody can find anything, we don't allow that!

In case you are a team player that knows what a community is, and that we all do things for others and others do it for you
then this is your new home!

I hope you can fit right in!

showbis Cool

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