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Hi guys!
Hey, I wasn't much on SL for some time, now back, and apparently, this is an alternative to kingoon, the CopyBotClub CBC and Nails were admins as far as I remember, here you are as well. So signed up with this forum but here we go at the noob level!  Confused
I went through the forum structure and I must say great job guys, a much better structure. Tutorials and orientation island XD. Everything is easy to find now, except yup I don't have much access. 
I read the rules and all and it makes sense about the sharing for upgrade and not sharing making you downgrade level, which makes people keep the forum alive, good thinking guys. 
Ok, now I go figure out what things and goodies I can share.  Shy Big Grin
postbit slot
Hi Lionela,

you are right most are here and they are here because they got fed up with the anarchy

Copybot.club has absolutely nothing to do with that forum and even I came from there.
You leave a place when that place stops working for you!

The club structure was a 6 months of work just to define what categories and forums and in how many clicks
we also got a composer for messages and drag and drop for images, the idea is and will always be, to save time for our members giving them the best user experience possible.

We will be introducing CBC v2 soon and that will be even easier for people to learn how to copybot to get viewers and tools and to be able to share
and that can be tutorials, translations, shares etc.

There is also one huge difference, here we have absolutely no VIP… no one will leech on others' hard work because it paid the forum owner like before.
The rules are simple and the number of shares is not that big that drives away people, for instance, the SL forum opens at 15 posts
But if someone is a leech they won't share and that means also they were not meant to be part of our community.

We have the latest and the greatest and even Wish was kind enough to make us an exclusive Darkstorm

I hope we can see you as part of the family

Welcome to CBC
showbis Cool
Hey you
welcome back home, its good to see you found your way finally to us Smile.
If you need anything let us know Smile. The Admins here are Nails & Showb,
i am a "normal" member as anyone else with the mission to ripp and share
the hell out of my invetory and sl Tongue.
~ hugzzzzzzzzzzzz ~
the CopyBotClub CBC
welcome to the club! 

Great to read your feedback on CBC.



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