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New Member: Emil, USA
Hi, y'all!

I am Emil, from Northwestern USA. 

Very happy to be here, and quite impressed with how clean and easy to use site is, especially after seeing other "similar" sites. I was quite pleased seeing the ideology that the forum is run by, and for, members, and feel it absolutely is the right way to do things, to make a better community, and I bet all are treated like family.  Personally, I believe in treating others the same way I would like to be.

I have not been a member of Second Life as long as a lot of others that I know have, being under 5 years, but it comes easy to me, since I am an IT professional. One thing I wish I had done differently when I started, even after being advised by others, was to be more aggressive in organizing my inventory.  I am a shopping addict, and someone once told me that it is not like Pokemon, that you do not need to buy them all. With my disorganized inventory, I have learned to do a search first before buying, most of the time, to prevent buying the same thing. There are a few things that I purchased about 4 times or so (shows just how much I liked it, eh?  heh!)

Thanks for having me, and I do look forward to contributing my part to furthering the community.

- E
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pHused please feel welcome at the club!

I thank you from all the team and most of all from the members, that we see like family, who help daily to make CBC what it is.
When we left elsewhere we knew what could be done to improve user experience and all the design and features like dropping images or use a composer instead of Html was a no brainer!

With the ease of use, we get time for our members to learn more and share what they like.
You are right, our philosophy isn't if you give me your money I give access and treat you right.
Here everyone is equal, we do have bonds with members we know for many years but there is no privilege, other than the circle leaders that helped us for the 2 years where we tested everything.

Over time we have gained the trust of the best developers who shared their copybot viewers and some even made CBC editions
but we do not stop we continue evolving and learning from errors and listen to our family suggestions
CBC founders don't see themselves as gods, we see our part as a task that one day we will pass onto others to continue

Those who took the time to read SL ToS will learn you don't own anything and if they decide to unplug, you are left with nothing even your L$ will be gone!
This is why we think you own what you bought and that you can adjust NoMod items because they are yours.
We also support OpenSim!

For those who like to call us the bogeyman, we are far from it! We are long time users who spend a lot of money inworld
and we do not stand for those who intend to do any sort of profit on items and we fight against illegal stores that sometimes we catch on MP
Since there is a copybot viewer, time proved us right… we are not a menace or are eager to do any harm to others, in fact, some creators got advertising from us…

I loved the pokemon analogy but don't worry, I for once lost 3 weeks to get my 'messventory' in order
maybe our own structure will give you an idea of how to better solve that pile of items and be an incentive to you

Here you will also see how threads must be organized and the idea of starting with less access is precisely for you to learn how to make them and where to store them

Welcome to club mate

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