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Introducing myself!

I am from the original site and have contributed complete avatars and templates!

Coming back to do the same thing again!

Big Grin
postbit slot

this is the original site! You will see many many members and team members that came from other forums, I know I did!!!

The copybot.club is without a doubt the best-organized forum and that happens because our members do shares the right way
or we teach them how to. This is useful for archiving items that you can find with a simple search!

Everything has a place in here and every forum feature works… thinking twice we are frankly the opposite of that forum,
so if the deceased was the original, we are v5.0 on steroids Tongue

I hope you like CBC and take some time to read the forum guide
Let's face it, doing the same thing is fun!!!

showbis Cool

edited pr request, nails
Hey you Smile.
There is only one original site and this is HERE Tongue.
I am sure you will love it as many others does too,
you are so welcome in the Club and please let us k
know if you need any help.

~ smiles ~

the CopyBotClub CBC
I never got to say "hello!" when you made your introduction - but better late than never? 

At the same time I am giving you information about the shares you made, they are no longer found in the sandbox, but I have moved them to the Second Life forum.  This happens when 
1. You made it to the next usergroup, or
2. When your shares has been in the sandbox for a couple of months. 

Just so you know your shares havent been deleted or anything.



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