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Rumors ? Dont believe them. Maitreya is planning a Lara update - not retiring
[Image: k16iExd.png]
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There is no release date yet to share with you

Coming Soon: an entirely new version, a next generation of Lara!

When we created the Lara Mesh Body over 8 years ago, she was ground breaking and soon became the most popular body on the second life grid. Originally it had been our goal to stay close to the default Second Life avatar (Ruth), so that everyone could still enjoy their sl wardrobe with their Lara body. In recent years that restriction has been lifted more and more. Due to the effort of thousands of content creators in second life, who make their mesh in various mesh body sizes, a mesh body can now look any way we want it to.

Recently we’ve received a lot of requests for a Lara mesh body update. When we asked people what it was they were hoping to see in an update, most people replied they were hoping to see a more curvy or more detailed Lara with better weights. The request for smoother weights originates from creators who have expressed the difficulty they experience when creating content for the Lara mesh body (some of them therefore even decided to drop Lara sizes). As much as we wanted to improve the weights issues, doing so would always result in the breaking of content made for Lara previously.

The solution we eventually came up with is to improve Lara, with smoother weights and more detailed mesh. And to give this next generation Lara X as an extra in our next update. An extra, not a replacement. So that no-one will lose anything and everyone will only gain! This means that every Lara mesh body owner or buyer will receive Lara X for free and also still the original Lara body, to wear with existing Lara wardrobes. You can switch between them effortlessly if you wish so.

-- There is no release date yet to share with you

Source for the news

I wonder if this update is too late?  
There are so many other bodies out there.  But of course, Maitreya is very popular still.
postbit slot
[Image: qHs6fJ5.gif]

i can't wait!
i'm a hunt whore and a gacha glutton.
simple as.

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