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Cheap adidas shoes and designer bags
Someone told me that I have to introduce myself, so here I am... 
Thanks for the invite, good to be here
Jack of all trades - master of my own sanity so far... most of the time.
Experience in SL, web, modeling (I hate Blender!) and few other things too including how to piss people off.
I love gummy bears.
postbit slot
Lol, you scared me… I thought… wth Spam???
then I saw ur name and laughed

Exclamation Be welcomed at your new house Exclamation

Also to the club of those who hate the blender UI
w/their funky methods to do things Big Grin

We needed the Jack of all trades in here, not only for all that you bring but for the person you are
So bring your 'how to piss people off' and your 'gummy bears' and see if you share some… it can be both flavors… we are used to handle it lol

Happy to see you in the club
showbis Cool
Hhehe yeah I thought it would be funny Wink
Thanks mate, good to be here and thanks again for the invite!

I am LMAO!
you certainly know how to jump start a moderator allergic to bots!

Welcome to CBC - and thanks for the laugh!



Hey Nails, and thanks Smile good to be here, glad that I made you laugh people Smile
Click Bait xD oh god  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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