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Singh me the hire me song
[Image: ZXXba7c.jpg]

It was right around Xmas 2017 and then some buzz was created by Strawberry Singh in a post,
that got erased and it said  "Trademark Complaint Received"

It was a cease and desist on Youtube because of Singh's video explainers on SL® and also her 'brand promoting materials' aka blogger for hire.
After she gathered her followers to make some noise LL came on crisis mitigation mode and even apologized… like it was a mistake.
If there wasn't the outcry from her followers her youtube channel would be down.

This is the  Linden policy take on everything and anything that carries their brand!

Apologies were kind of accepted and time has passed and April this year, after many 'brand promotions' here comes a post that would make us think, seriously… and so the Singh sang a new tune.
From foes to friends the Strawberry is now a Linden.

No more "promoting" now its content generation.

The take to learn here it's simple,
if you can't fight them, join them Dodgy
postbit slot
Did she use the SL logo? They did a cleanse I think. SLON got hit for the same thing. They took Kae's listing down and didn't let him know. He didn't figure it out until sales started tanking.
Dynamite, they did it since on her videos she used SL trademarks … for example I explain how to enter the game and choose your own start avatar… that alone is enough for a cease and desist. This is like a DMCA but even easier to ask.

December was a nice month for it

What gets me confused it's how do you go from almost depart from SL to being their employee…
I went looking for that specific post and it seems that got erased in her blog, go figure…
I am glad I took a pict that proves it

But it's funny enough that she keeps a blog with advertising to brands running, that also speak highly of her, or not!

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