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Manuela here! thank you showbis♥
Hellooo to all forum members! Wink

Thank you for letting me join this awesome club Showbis Rolleyes . I am beyond happy to see such good people starting this club for everyone.

I promise to make myself as useful as I possibly can. English is not my main language (spanish is) so if you see any typos or grammar mistakes now and then, please forgive me
postbit slot
Welcome to the club Manuela  Cool
You are more than welcome to be in the founding group of CBC
I saw that your complaints in the other forum were like ours generally that made me contact you
Also, you are methodical and helpful and that makes all the difference!

We are here to help you with anything we can, so do not hesitate to ask for anything Exclamation

Welcome a board
showbis  Cool
joining the choir of welcomes!

Glad to see you as a member and a pioneer here at CBC. 

- nails
Welcome Manuela.

Here is the cake, dig in Smile
[Image: uj76tNp.jpg]
Yes I am a goth at heart, it's a raven thing lmao.
Hello people!

My name is Manuela and I'm returning after a very long pause. Lots of new things around and lots of things I've been learning to be new in SL in the past week.

The reason behind my absence was my computer died and couldn't have SL running on my older pc. So now, I just got a new gaming laptop and I'm able to come back! Yay! Angel After over a year being away, I'm so happy to come back Heart

I'll be sharing stuff right away, I hope you guys find it useful and enjoyable. hugz Wink
New PC is always a special highlight, i got mine this years as well Smile.
Have a look and read and if you need help just call out, welcome back.

~ smiles ~

This is the first time I'm actually excited for a pc. It is a highlight. For me, I never thought I could get something like this, even though it was impossible, but goodness gracious the universe has been good to me and allowed me to get 16GB RAM 4GB GPU i5 10th gen. I know is not the best, but is a huge improvement for me. I'm super excited for taking pictures and copying stuff  Cool Idea  
welcome back Smile

I merged your introduction threads

It has been a while, eh?
It has been yes. Thank goodness for this precious equipment I have now. Big hug Blush 

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