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Hey folks,

 My name is NoirVixxen. Just getting back to sl. I had a really crappy pc but its been update to a new one. So im ready to get back to playing around and doing what I do. I hope in time i can be an great asset to the community one post at a time. Till next time you all have a great day.
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NoirVixxen please feel welcomed  at the copybot.club

I know what you mean by having a bad machine and trying to go inworld with it... it is like mission impossible!
Congrats on your new machine, that you may do a great use of it  Wink

At start you are a bit limited to the Orientation Island and a few more places, but things open with just a little effort on your side. The most important things that are our viewers and tools are available to download and you also a have a collection of tutorials to get yourself updated now that you are back.
They are here for everybody to grab them for free and we do not ask for money and subscriptions, we only ask people to take part on the community and share in any way they can. 

You should read our guide and follow the links in there to understand how you rank higher inside the community and the doors that open along the way.
You will also see on the sandbox many shares where we comment on them when they need to be fixed so that the search engine can be optimized for everybody and the titles with the right descriptions. We try hard to have the best organized forum so that each and anyone of us can take full advantage of it.

Copybot.club is here to help you and our community is helpful when you get stuck at something!

I hope you like it and that you may feel at home

Thanks for your introduction
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