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Hey there! I hope tools from this forum will help me to make better meshes for SL Cool
postbit slot
copybot can help in the sense you can get any mesh object from wherever and then look at it and how it was done Exclamation

To improve your modelling, UV or texturing and render properly your mesh products you learn it on blender (and blender has great training on youtube)
or you go to the top of the pops and do it in Maya
3d has quite a few subjects you need to know in order to be really good and you also have tools for everything you need to achieve
and your meshes can go from clothing to prefabs, those choices define what you need to master more or less

I always learned more how the best do their thing and that was quite an eye opener

You have tools to grab almost everything and you also have tutorials that explain how to use pretty much everything.

On the higher usergroups you get access to the best training and a few extras that might help you  Wink

I hope to read more from you and your growth on the 3D/Mesh world

Welcome to CBC, we are here to help you in what we can and know, so don't hesitate to ask

showbis Cool

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