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hello :)
hi everyone. i'm kermzs, i just recently got into SL, and this forum and the information here seems really useful. i'm excited to learn from and share with the community here.
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kermzs welcome to SL Copybot,

we are indeed a way for those who want to learn by doing and checking how others do their creations
and this is something you cannot get from the creators because they do not share anything!

We have many creators that are also members here and that learned how to do, or how to improve their own creations using a copybot viewer and tools!

One thing you should know BE SAFE, do not share what you do and how you do it inworld, those who might seem to be your friends of today might be the same ones reporting you tomorrow.

We see copybot has a way to backup what you own, a place to learn, a path do OpenSim where you can have your own SIMs and pay no tier
to test things on your local computer and therefore in a secure environment.

This is a whole new world and we welcome you to it

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