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Hi guys, my introduction
Hi there,
today i registered to that great community and i am totally excited to learn a lot. I am very curious and a creative person too. Personally i did a longer SL break, cause of some things to deal with (health issues) in my real life. I also was a member of the "kingoon" forum, but it was never my "home" or family, so i quit it years ago. I like the thoughts about a strong and free community, like a hood of friends, without paywalls. So i registered to this friendly forum. I am respectful to any kind of character in that world and i am an Rolleyes easy going person.

Please excuse my poor english, i try my best, my first language is german.

Kindly regards and have a great day
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Great with an introduction to read. 

Excuse the late welcome, Real Life was busy, 

I dont think of CBC as a home, more like an addiction! I was also a member at that forum you mention, and left it too.

The community here, we, showbis and I, spent time on developing and we hope that members feel that the platform provided for sharing stuff - and knowledge - is The place to be. 

We are always happy to get feedback on how to improve. 

your english is, btw, fine. 
You should read my german!
Its worse than my english, which isnt my first language either. 

Happy Welcome to CBC




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