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Hi all
I' rather new in this world, interested in what we can do.

Great forum!


postbit slot
Hello and welcome, 

If you're looking for a community where you're able to learn new things, you came in the right place! 
Due to the fact that you're new in this "world", the best is to read our Guide Tutorial and as well as other tutorials.
Kappaboh welcome to the copybot club!

Being new to copybot is exactly how we all started, and it changes your view on what copybot second life can be.

How to copybot isn't rocket science!

For me it is a way to have my local OpenSim and it also gives me the opportunity to see how everything is done. If you're on SL for long you know that when you ask a creator how he did it, he doesn't answer you or says it is very difficult.

If you want to read some threads and see how things are done you will start copybotting soon!

Start downloading the new darkstorm viewer version 6.2 or/and get revelator. My advice is to get them both! Sometimes Darkstorm Viewer is better, and on others Revelator does a better job and it also needs less computer resources.

We also have tools like MeshesSL and many others that are time savers. When you start practicing you will see and where to use the tools and our tutorials are there to help you on your learning curve!

Our community is great and it is always there to assist our members. In case you end up stuck ask them out or the team if you need it.

Last but not least, check our guide that basically tells you everything about the forum; what are the perks for each user group and where to start and what to check

I hope you have fun in here



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