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New here!
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Hello, ed8877g.
      Welcome to CBC - copybot club.

  • If you're familiar with copybotting - then you can start right away! 
  1. Viewers: You can download Darkstorm v6.2 (click) or Revelator Alpha 1.8 (click). I recommend both, Darkstorm is easier to use when you're ripping, while Revelator is faster when you're uploading things - SecondLife or OpenSim.
  2. Tools: We have MeshesSL (click) which is a time-saver, but many other as well - HERE (click)
  • If you're new with copybotting - then you can read our tutorials!
  1. Tutorials - Second Life: How to copybot - Basic Level (click) and How to - Tutorials (click) 
  2. Tutorials - Forum:  Forum - the right way to use it (click).
  • In both cases: 
  1. Make sure to understand our Forum Rules - HERE
  2. Read our Guide before posting - HERE
  3. If you need our help and you're stuck at something - HERE

I hope you will find your place in our sweet CopyBot Club
The copybot.club welcomes you ed8877g!

Miau pretty much indicated to you all the steps you need to take to start on how to copybot on second life or OpenSim
Check the rules, understand how things work, get your copybot viewers and copybot tools, and learn with the tutorials that were made especially for you.

Our community is our pride and they are always there to assist you and you can also count on the team.

I do hope that your journey into copybot is pleasant and that you find the copybot.club your place to be.

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