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Hello everyone, I am new to secondlife and I am here to find answers to my questions. Smile
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Hello, Laura.
      Welcome to CBC - copybot club.

Being new to Second Life isn't always easy, due to the complexity of the game. But don't worry, we also went through the same thing! 

  • If you're new with copybotting - then you can read our tutorials!
  1. Tutorials - Second Life: How to copybot - Basic Level (click) and How to - Tutorials (click) 
  2. Tutorials - Forum: Forum - the right way to use it (click).
  • What Viewer to use and which tools? 
  1. Viewers: You can download Darkstorm v6.2 (click) or Revelator Alpha 1.8 (click). I recommend both, Darkstorm is easier to use when you're ripping, while Revelator is faster when you're uploading things - SecondLife or OpenSim.
  2. Tools: We have MeshesSL (click) which is a time-saver, but many other as well - HERE (click)
  • Before posting in our forum: 
  1. Make sure to understand our Forum Rules - HERE
  2. Read our Guide before posting - HERE
  3. If you need our help and you're stuck at something - HERE

I hope you will find your answers in our amazing CopyBot Club
Hello there Laura,

if you're new to Second Life, but want to know how to do things, then copybot is the best way to find out how the best creators do their own products.

Inside the grid usually nobody helps, nor they have any interest in sharing their secrets. But we are here to teach and be taught!
If that is your goal then you came to the right place.

Since the introduction of mesh (3d objects) learning SecondLife got harder, but when we want something we always achieve it, am I right?!

Miau pointed out to you the best copybot viewers and tools that were made by the best developers and we trust them completely. You can rest assured you are safe using them!
Darkstorm 6.2 has a special copybot.club edition with extra features, and Revelator is very fast and needs less resources.

The forum is not hard to understand if you follow our guide and check for any correction the team advises you to while you are on the 'Orientation Island'. After that you will know how to do things the copybot club way!

The staff is here to assist you and our members also, so get acquainted, sit back and let your journey into copybot begin!


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