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Hello all
Hello! Im new here
Im from Argentina!

postbit slot
(06-11-2023, 07:37 PM)Pichii Wrote: Hello! Im new here
Im from Argentina!



Its great to see you sign up here, glad you spend a little time on saying hi! That is step one. 

Im not so new here, and I would like you to read our guide, which will provide you with links of where to get a copybot viewer, (you will find the Darkstorm CBC edition, Revelator and the Club64 on the Firestorm/DS platform) 
 how to do things (tutorials)
and also telling you about  our user group system - among other things.   
You do not pay anything to be a member here. CBC is based on our members involving - sharing; both knowledge and items.   

The more active you are, the more access you gain to the forum.  Otherwise your experience of being a member here, will be very limited.  
- You are able to get the needed tools to get yourself started. Otherwise it would be very hard to participate and add to our copybot club!

Welcome to CBC - see you on the forum? 


The Guide



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