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[font][font]Olá a todes.[/font][/font]
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(06-13-2023, 04:18 PM)maria do bairro Wrote: Olá a todes.

Google translate: Hello everyone.

Welcome to CBC - a copybot club, I think the best. !

We can offer you, if you are into it, to participate in creating a community with a lot of nice stuff such as Second Life items - skins, buildings, gacha collections, and much more -  know how too. 
Offered by our members - They spend a lot of time on contributing in the different ways a community needs. 

All it takes for you be a part of it all -  is to involve. Be active. 

There are members who doesnt - I hope you will not be among those. Then you will find CBC boring and empty.  

We got some copybot viewers you can grab to get your copybot career started. 
Does  Darkstorm - the CBC edition, Revelator and the Club64 on the Firestorm/DS platform sound familiar?   They are here. 
Granted by members who are developers . Yes, they have spent a lot of time doing it, thats for sure.  

You find a variety of tutorials as well.  Such as how to do things Second Life related, how CBC is structured and what you can expect from us - and the other way round.  I would like to brag and say we are very organized. For the benefit of all of us. 

The ting is, we are an english speaking community.  So take your time to read through all of it and make google translate your friend.  

See you on the forum!




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