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Hi all
I hope I stay here for a long time and we would work well together Wink
postbit slot
Its nice that you bother to leave a hi to all of us. 

We are a community of copybotters, We share knowledge and skills. And items as well.   

How to do it is mentioned in our Guide, and you already got to step one by leaving an introduction. 

The next will be to get yourself a copybot viewer;  we got a few to chose between. If you are familiar with the third party viewer " firestorm" , you will find Darkstorm CBC version the viewer most alike to it. With a few benefits.  Angel

Then we have tutorials. 
For how to do things in Second Life and also for how to use the Copybot forum - the copybot club. 

Your first threads and shares will happen in the sandbox, and a moderator will assist you, if it is needed.  Hopefully you will find a tutorial on how to post, helpful though. 

I do hope you will stay here for a long time too, its great to see new members involve in CBC and add to the growing collections of goods and skills. 




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