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UPDATED Rumors ?Dont believe them. Maitreya is planning a Lara update - not retiring
[Image: k16iExd.png]
click n' gif

There is no release date yet to share with you

Coming Soon: an entirely new version, a next generation of Lara!

When we created the Lara Mesh Body over 8 years ago, she was ground breaking and soon became the most popular body on the second life grid. Originally it had been our goal to stay close to the default Second Life avatar (Ruth), so that everyone could still enjoy their sl wardrobe with their Lara body. In recent years that restriction has been lifted more and more. Due to the effort of thousands of content creators in second life, who make their mesh in various mesh body sizes, a mesh body can now look any way we want it to.

Recently we’ve received a lot of requests for a Lara mesh body update. When we asked people what it was they were hoping to see in an update, most people replied they were hoping to see a more curvy or more detailed Lara with better weights. The request for smoother weights originates from creators who have expressed the difficulty they experience when creating content for the Lara mesh body (some of them therefore even decided to drop Lara sizes). As much as we wanted to improve the weights issues, doing so would always result in the breaking of content made for Lara previously.

The solution we eventually came up with is to improve Lara, with smoother weights and more detailed mesh. And to give this next generation Lara X as an extra in our next update. An extra, not a replacement. So that no-one will lose anything and everyone will only gain! This means that every Lara mesh body owner or buyer will receive Lara X for free and also still the original Lara body, to wear with existing Lara wardrobes. You can switch between them effortlessly if you wish so.

-- There is no release date yet to share with you

Source for the news

I wonder if this update is too late?  
There are so many other bodies out there.  But of course, Maitreya is very popular still.

EDIT 05 nov 2023
imgur has a sudden habit of not liking naked pixels  - thats why you cant view the preview image. just click it in stead.


postbit slot
[Image: qHs6fJ5.gif]

i can't wait!
i'm a hunt whore and a gacha glutton.
simple as.
an update -- not giving more information of when the release is going to happen. 

Many have seen that there are new releases for Lara X and Lara X Petite.

Designers are a critical part of a release like this. Of course we are affording them the opportunity to rig clothing for Lara X's release day if they so desire. When they make these items available is entirely their decision.

Public launch of Lara X will happen as planned, when everyone is ready
No public launch date has been announced.
Designers do not know the planned date either, please do not badger them


how to be prepared for the redelivery.

With the upcoming release of Lara X, everybody is going to need to redeliver.  (even when Lara X is NOT an update to Lara, it's a NEW body, use the hud for a redelivery)

Your v5 HUD has a Redeliver button in the MISC tab.
That will be all you need.

Add-Ons will require a trip to the store
Old bodies pre-v5 will also need a trip to the store

If you are still on an old version, expect delays, possibly for days trying to get into Maitreya Isle.
v5 was released in January 2020.
If you are on v4.1 you are 6 versions behind.

The time to get on a current version is now.


sources for the news: SoMe maitreya.


Soon! ? !  Seems like a count down! 


We are coming ever closer to release. Some of you have already seen LaraX clothing out for sale. It's real.
There is a difference between when we can release vs when we can release w/out throwing creators under the bus.
These past few weeks have seen changes as we work with the creator community to make this release the best it can be for everybody. Fine tuning. Tweaking. Working together. We're almost there. Every change necessitates other little changes.
We are doing this 


I want to publicly express gratitude to the creator community that has been invaluable to us over the years and especially in recent times.

We made Lara X and showed it to the creators. It was good. We asked for their input, and wow did they step up! They put their many collective years of experience to work and offered ideas. We worked together and we refined and improved things. We made it even better. Better for everyone. 

Thank you all!  You have been amazing


source - SoMe



Get your Maitreya Hud on, click redeliver under the misc tab. 

And you have your LaraX right after. 

If your Hud is a V5. 

older bodies need a redelivery . from the store.


just updated the maitreya body and seems the new one has a bigger ass and the shoulder has been changed from the previous version so new clothing only will work with this body. I did grab a copy and exported to blender and they have tried to make it copybot proof. Meaning the structure of the rigged bones is placed diffrent than what you would get when you just rip a normal lara body. So either we wait till some sympathetic creator shares the latest devkit or someone figures way to move the bones around for the rigging to work as best as possible.
What a pain having to redeliver all my old clothes 🙄
probably will only use it going forward and not doing a redelivery except on things I can't live without.
i'm a hunt whore and a gacha glutton.
simple as.
That is truly awesome, even though I don't get to go on SL much these days due to health issues, it will be awesome to test out the new Lara X when it arrives.

Thx for the update nails xx
(11-21-2023, 12:12 PM)Disasters Wrote: What a pain having to redeliver all my old clothes 🙄
probably will only use it going forward and not doing a redelivery except on things I can't live without.

i dont know if you get a redelivery of your Lara outfits  to  LaraX :

"These changes to the mesh and to the weights do imply that content that was made for Lara most often will not fit the LaraX body.
The LaraX body should be perceived as a new and different mesh body, requiring it’s own size mesh clothes. For this reason the LaraX is not a replacement of your original Lara body, but a complementary body. For your existing wardrobe you can keep wearing your original Lara and as more and more things will be made for LaraX, you can switch over or switch between them."

I think its only a very few of the creators updating outfits automatically - and free of charge - to new bodies?  

Must depend on the creators. Lets hope there are some out there! 
Not that there isnt a lot of bodies to rig for to keep them busy!


As far as I'm concerned the update was a failure, all they needed to do was improve the current mesh rather than trying to invent something new

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