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hi babies
hi babies  Tongue
postbit slot
hi there bigwave2

Good to see you post your introduction.  
Its always exciting to watch how new members of our community add to CBC growth of knowledge and items

How to get involved?  
- You will have to read the Guide.  In there, instructions have been listed, and you already did the first step. 

After you will get lead to where to find copybot viewers;  if you are familiar with Firestorm, you will find a Darkstorm CBC version, developed by wish.  If you prefer a viewer like Singularity, you might find Revelator the one suitable for your needs.

The guide will also tell you about the member ranking system we use at CBC, there is no fees or hidden VIP groups. 
What it takes, is your involvement and being active. 
In short, the more you contribute - sharing knowledge and items - the more access to CBC subforums  you gain. 

Welcome to CBC, the copybotclub - Where members who accept the offered opportunity to involve are the ones taking part in making our copybotclub CBC outstanding. 

If you have any doubts after reading the guide and searched for answers?  Never hesitate to ask. 




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