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Hello, my name Andy, I'm a newbie, I came to this forum to learn new things. I liked the work of the forum participants (body mesh and head mesh kindly provided to us for use). I use the dev kit to work with tattoos in Adobe Substance 3D Painter. I hope to learn a lot of new and interesting things. thank you for your hospitality
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Welcome Ravenheart

Thanks for telling a bit about yourself and your interests concerning creating.  The skills you have, might be resourceful for the community members! 

Since CBC, the copybot club is a community where both items and knowledge is being shared, you sound as if you will fit right in. 

If you are stuck what do to now after your intro, you will find directions in the Guide, which will tell you more about how to proceed. Also what you can expect from being a member here, what we expect from our members, tutorials - maybe you will find yourself making one for the use of CBC members? 
Adobe Substance 3D Painter sounds interesting. 

The more active you are, the more access to the forum you will get.  But read all about it in the guide!

Welcome among us at CBC.  





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