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Don't get fooled by the subject, I'm a nice guy. 

My hobbies are mostly into Blender, 3Ds Max and mesh stuff. So yea for sure I will be sharing only these
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Hello, theguy .
Welcome to - Copybot.Club.

I like that someone has a good sense of humour. Please don't do that in the past.. at least not with your future shares. However, you can do that in the 'Freely Chat Area'.

Regarding your interest into meshes, we're glad to have someone like you. Even if you're going to only share meshes, that's completely fine and welcomed, but as long as you stay active as a member.

  1. Guide - read before sharing anything
  2. Forum Rules - the concept of the forum
  3. Usergroup Explained - access of the forum
haha yea thanks for that
i will remember to use proper titles for my shares

cheap things online ! 

I was like.  ehh! I thought we had an effective way of avoiding shoesalesmen and other spam bots! 

And we have 

Im glad to see you are not a bot  Idea

Welcome to CBC, the copybot club. 



A heads up:

One of your shares have been moved from the sandbox to the Copybot club Second life subforums. 

This happens when a member shared their way to be a part of the next usergroup, apprentice 


when the share has been in the sandbox for a month,  even if the member of CBC didnt enter a new usergroup.

This means to you, that you cant see your moved shares: you are able to see the parts of the forum, the usergroup you belong to, have access to. 

If you lose track of what you have shared, just send ask us via PM. 

you have a lot of lovely sharing going on!




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