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introduction from me
Hello, my name is Kat but people call me Katty or Froggie. I was on hiatus for copybotting for a while but then I just decided to go back into it as it's a passion of mine and it helps me with shapes to better my own shapes and stuff. I like anime, reality TV shows, comedy, and fantasy-like themes. I also want to be a doctor or a graphics designer. Designing new ideas makes me happy. I also love makeup, well I used to. I stopped over the years. I'm a down-chill person. I'm just here to vibe and have a good time. I'm sorry I didn't do the introduction earlier. i was busy for the past couple of days. I hope this proves I'm not a bot now lol :3
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Hello, Popincool

What a described and lovely introduction you've made. We're happy to have you around.

Please consider reading:

Thank you for making an introduction!
It helps understand who you are and why you ended up here.
A passion for sharing sounds just awesome. 

I think Miau said it all to help you at this forum. 

If you have doubts, after searching for solutions, we would be happy to help, if we can.

Thank you for signing up at CBC, and happy welcome!



welcome back
Hello, Popincool

I've tried to reach out to you in PM, but apparently your inbox is FULL. Please consider emptying your inbox.

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