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Hello my name is mormabu
Hi guys, my name is mormabu, I've never used a forum, this is my first time, I really like it
from copybot.com, I still don't know many things I still want to learn a lot, and thank you all for the opportunity
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Hello, Mormabu

Welcome aboard, we're glad to finally meety you.

Here are some useful threads for you, please consider reading them:
Just a heads-up, please don't leave "😍" or any kind of emojis, "thank you, wow nice, etc" - on threads as we consider it a spam post. 

As stated in the Forum's Rules: "Use the THANK YOU button - it is there for a reason. Thank you posts will be deleted" 

To show your appreciation, you can use the "Thank you button" which you will find at the bottom of each post. 

Read more about this here  Arrow https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-READ-T...nformation

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