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Hello Everyone !
I am a new user here excited to join the club.
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Hello, BentleysMom
Welcome to CopybotClub - Forum

That's a very interesting choice of name.
Are you new to copybotting or are you familiar with it? Either way, we're happy to have you around

  1. Guide - Make sure to read everything before sharing
  2. Forum Rules - The concept of the forum
  3. Usergroup Explained - Having access to the forum
  4. Help & Support - Let us know how we may assist you
  5. Guide and Sandbox  - This is where our new users post their first shares.
Hi BentleysMom, a big welcome to the copybot.club community forum! We're excited to see you here.
  • What are you most interested in discussing regarding copybot?
  • We encourage you to create a new thread or jump into an existing conversation.
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions – we're all here to learn and grow together.
Now that you joined the tribe, don't hesitate look around and ask questions whenever you need to.

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