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Bring my pictures back mr hoster
Hey everyone, you saw these images and wondered why? 😤

[Image: MK9kA5v.png]   [Image: w7qdeyt.png]   [Image: NqrdnN5.png]   [Image: 3hS0qhd.png] 
[Image: MK9kA5v.png]   [Image: w7qdeyt.png]   [Image: NqrdnN5.png]   [Image: 3hS0qhd.png]          

Let's talk about image hosting for a hot sec.
Apparently, showing a battle-scarred avatar or a dude with a tan line is the new social sin?

C'mon folks, did someone trip and fall into the vat of ultra-sensitivity? A cut on a dude's face is supposed to add some grit, not get him flagged by the avatar police!

This whole censorship thing is getting dumber than a box of hair extensions.
Our forum is all about rocking killer avatars, and these image whack-a-moles are turning everyone into generic, featureless blobs.
Imagine trying to tell a story or show your character's rebellious streak with an avatar that's been scrubbed cleaner than a dentist's mirror!

The worst part? These image places change their rules faster than a chameleon changes clothes. One minute everything's cool, the next, your avatar collection is deemed more offensive than a sock drawer after gym week. It's a nightmare for the team, who are left scrambling to find a new platform every time the finish line gets yanked away.

Look, I get it, there's a line. We don't exactly want avatars that would make your grandma clutch her pearls (unless it's part of the backstory, obviously). But a little scar or a tan line? That's about as harmful as a kitten with mittens.

Speaking of lines, where exactly is it drawn? Is a sassy pose or an avatar that whispers "look at me" suddenly the devil's work? Honestly, who decided a little tasteful sensuality was the new forbidden fruit? As long as it's not straight out of a fever dream, a touch of character allure can be downright artistic!
We're talking storytelling here, people, not re-writing the Kama Sutra!
We are making our avatars unique, or am I wrong Please don't come with those indian ideas that stray me out of my path here... continuing

The good news is, we're on the hunt for a new image hoster with a chill attitude.
One that respects our creative freedom, both in terms of expressing ourselves and exploring character design that goes beyond bland vanilla. We won't settle for anything less than a platform that lets our community unleash their inner artist (or fashion icon, if that's your character's vibe).

So keep those awesome, unique avatars coming! We'll find a new home for them where they can exist without being judged by the avatar thought police.

Maybe if we all make enough noise about this, these image hosters will realize they're being about as fun as a wet sock.

[Image: 3hS0qhd.png]

Cheers to my tribe
and hey imgur, cheers also My

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